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Journey Liquids LTD is a sister company of NO.1 Croatian E-Liquid manufacturer, AEON Ltd.

Aeon Ltd is a Croatian company who invented Journey Liquids brand, and over time like minded people joined together to create the sister company Journey Liquids Ltd to offer unique range of handcrafted e-liquids exclusively for the UK market.

Small company with big ideas!

AEON Ltd. is a small privately-owned company formed in 2016 by two vape enthusiasts and mixologists - Viktor and Hrvoje. Company was formed as a result of a collision of ideas. Viktor was well-known mixologist who's creations were famous in the Croatian vape community since 2013.

JOURNEY team enthusiasm and big heart.

The word Journey itself represents our (and your) journey through the world of exciting and unique flavors as we discover new variations every day. This is all about our enthusiasm. The enthusiasm that feeds on the fact that we no longer smoke, the fact that we help others quit smoking, and the fact that we are doing something creative that fulfills us.

We are not limited by the classic corporate ideals of "produce as cheap as possible - sell as expensive as possible." Our first and only goal is to create a cleaner product and better quality mix with the highest quality components so that our clients - you, the vapers - can enjoy and discover new unique flavors and mixes.

In order to ensure maximum quality, we have decided to set a list of "standards" that we strictly adhere to. Many vapers have recognized this, not only in the Croatian market but beyond ... 

2020 Launch to UK and EU markets.

Looking for something unique?
Our goal is to introduce our products to the EU and UK. We did a lot of work in this area. Listening to users and shops around the EU and adjusting our products, labels, MSDS, and recipes itself so that they are suitable for all markets. In this short time since our 2019HOV fair appearance, we were recognized by shops from Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia.

Since day one we have our own set of standards while making e-liquids. Those standards were way beyond government regulations with one goal - delivering purest product possible.

No additives no sweeteners.
Around 50% of our products do not contain sweeteners of any kind.
Around 25% contain some sweeteners, usually lower than 0.5%,
25% of products contain 0.5% to 1% of sweetener in the mix.

Cleanroom manufacturing.
We dont hide the fact that our end-user products are not manufactured in our facilities. To make the cleanest possible product we direct bottle filling process to our local cooperators who have a cleanroom facility.
Our detailed MSDS are created by professionals in the chemistry field and it contains the most extensive information about the ingredients of each and every one mix we put on the market.

No Diacetyl and other unwanted chemicals.
Before developing exciting new flavors, we research each and every component by checking if it contains diacetyl or any other unwanted chemical. Extensive analysis, even though we are not obligated to do TPD analysis for a product that does not contain nicotine - we do so. Our company tested as many as possible products and we will continue doing so.

No more than 10% of flavoring in our mixes.
Flavors are ingredients that can produce unwanted chemicals during the heating process. We limited ourselfs to a “10%” rule where we care about our consumers well being by lowering the percentage of flavor in the mix whenever it is possible.

Journey Liquids, Crafted with LOVE :)


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